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Titanium No. 7

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56 x 48 inches / 142 x 122 cm

Rich Texture.

Acrylic Paint + Mixed Media.

• Hand signed.
​• Certificate of 
• High quality gallery style canvas.


"Titanium" is a compelling painting that captures the essence of strength and resilience through its rich textures and the visual depth of melting metal and bluish tones. This artwork embodies the indomitable spirit of the human condition, reflecting the toughness and durability of titanium metal. The interplay of textures and colors symbolizes and highlights the inner strength required to stand firm and hold one's ground amidst adversity. "Titanium" serves as a powerful reminder of our inherent fortitude, encouraging viewers to embrace their inner steel and face challenges head-on. This piece is not just a visual experience but a testament to the strength that lies within each of us, ready to confront and conquer life's trials.


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