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Floral Symphony

flow 4 - 48x60 - web.png


40 x 60 inches / 102 x 153 cm

Rich Texture.

Acrylic Paint.

• Hand signed.
​• Certificate of 
• High quality gallery style canvas.


"Floral Symphony" is a celebration of the beauty of spring and summer flowers, capturing their vibrant essence and the joy of being outdoors during these blooming seasons. Swirls of vivid colors blend seamlessly on the canvas, mimicking the spontaneous growth and joyful chaos of a garden in full bloom. Each stroke and hue evokes a sense of renewal and endless possibilities, as if the painting itself breathes with the life of a sunlit meadow. This artwork radiates positivity, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the love of nature and the fresh, floral air. It stands as a vivid, emotional homage to the beauty and uplifting spirit of the natural world.


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