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Positive Pathways

flow 4 - 48x60 - web.png


60 x 60 inches / 153 x 153 cm

Light Texture.

Acrylic Paint.

• Hand signed.
​• Certificate of 
• High quality gallery style canvas.


"Positive Pathways" is an inspiring painting that embodies the journey of growth and forward movement through its thoughtful composition of a gray gradient background, overlaid with bold strokes of reflective white and silver liquid mirror paint. These luminous paths symbolize the idea that every route we take in life, no matter how winding or obscured, leads us towards personal development and progress.

"Positive Pathways" serves as a visual affirmation that every step forward, illuminated by hope and resilience, is a step toward becoming our best selves. It's a celebration of the beauty in our individual journeys and the bright future that lies ahead.


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